You mean apart from Karaoke.  Our main entertainment is karaoke but we also offer other types of entertainment which are listed below.  Please also remember that with our new equipment we can now do mini karaoke.  You want a karaoke in a corner or a small room.  We have a baby system where we can be in a small space if space is limited but still give out our fantastic quality.  This has not been possible in the past as we do not like to lose quality but we can now downsize keeping quality.  Some venues have things going on or a lot of tables preventing a full set up or just want something going on in a small room while a larger event happening elsewhere in the building.  We can set up in a small space if needed just ask us as we normally utilise all the space we have got but we can do small too.

WE ARE UPDATING THE LINKS ON THIS PAGE….  We still do the below items but we need to repair the links that got damaged after a recent web hack...
   Who would want to hack a karaoke site….
We do not hold any information on the site of anyone so a hacker would not gain anything.

Please note--As it says at the top of the page.  RJ's Karaoke.  Yep we do karaoke so the items below are generally other things we do on other nights from the karaoke.  If you do not already have us at your venue for a regular karaoke then you may find that the items below are not available.  Please check with us to see if the item below you are interested in would be available at your venue.  There are many factors that could alter it even down to the people that go your venue, the size of the set up and many other factors.  If you are a SUPERMANAGER/SUPERVENUE then there is a better chance it will be all ok and available but we do ask you speak to us first.

Above is a collection of things that we have done up to now.  With the equipment that we have and use there are things we could do that we may not even have thought about yet.  Ideas are made from ideas.  So if you have an event then let us know all the details.  We think inside the box but then we also think outside the box.  Your idea could make us have an insight to something that we could do.  The above ideas have all come from thoughts that are developed from conversations.  The more you tell us about an idea you have the more we can look into it more

  It is a shame when we are at an event and we look at something going on and we say…. "If only we had known they were doing that we could have…….."  Don't let us look at what we could have done.  Let's look at what we can do.

  Some of the things we have achieved at a venue just by having enough information.

  Remember, it only takes a thought to make a good night.  So share your thoughts with us and we will share ours with you to make a fun night and get people enjoying themselves.

We have not seen many people doing all of what we do to make a night worthwhile.

Come talk to us.

We don't bite…. MUCH