Karaoke Rules normally are . Find a song, fill in a slip, hand it in, wait to be called come up and sing.  However there are occasions when the rules have to be broken.

Split the room up, MEN and WOMEN.  Pick a duet, have a computer pick a man and a woman and they have to come and sing the chosen duet (we may be nice and let them pick the duet).

Pot luck karaoke.  Come up, have a song picked for you.  Are you lucky enough to know it or will you have to wing it.

Have the buzzer pick your song.  You choose a song and there will be three other songs chosen for you.  Walk up to the buzzers and choose a buzzer.  Pick the right one and you will get your song.  Pick any of the other three and have either a male song, a female song or a duet.

Hum a complete tune (Do Not Forget To See Humbug In The Gameshow section which people really really love).

There are more options being added all the time.  Talk to us and we can sort out some great entertaining ideas.