Have you ever wished you could have a bingo experience at your venue.  Here is what we offer to give you a bingo hall experience.
Either use a dry wipe ticket or paper and pen tickets.

Hosting--choose from three options.

  1. Have the machine call the numbers out for you.
  2. We can call out the numbers for you
  3. You could host the bingo yourself and we operate the machine.

Tickets--Choose from three options

  1. Use our paper tickets that are compatible with our bingo machine.
  2. Use our wipe on wipe off tickets compatible with our machine.
  3. Use your own tickets (they will have to be checked manually)

Our tickets are colour coded like a bingo hall and also have a serial number that means when "House" is called the ticket will then be displayed on the screen.

What to expect.

Ok ready to go.  The screens flash up with the following…….


So someone shouts house….  The host just does not have to real all the numbers off.  Our system will show the persons ticket on the screen shown below.  The one below was a false claim showing what numbers had been picked and which ones were not yet called.  Easy eh?

So all nice and easy.  With our fantastic sound system and full range of radio mics and also the use of a tie clip mic you can host a professional bingo night.

Wait….. It does not end there.  The above is a straight forward game of bingo.  What happens if you want to add a few extra twists.  This is easy to be done.


Those of you who go to bingo halls will have seen the quick bingo with the coloured numbers.  This is 80 number bingo which we also play on our system.

Once again the tickets have serial numbers so when a claim is being checked the ticket will appear on the screen.  This game runs at a slightly faster pace and is called "Colour and number"  I.E.  Red 6, white 63 etc.


We also run stateside bingo where a letter is called first above each column and then a number.  I.e. B12,  O64, G47  etc…
With this method a winning pattern can be created which could be a box or diagonal lines and other designs.


Get in touch with us, with our professional sound system and a full bingo system we can give you a bingo experience if you are just 2 people or 200.

Games available.

90 Number Standard Bingo

1 Line, 2 Lines, Full House
1 Line, Full House
2 Lines, Full House
1 Line Only
2 Lines Only
Full House only
4 Corners, Full House

80 Number Quick Bingo

Any Line Across, Down Or Diagonal, 4 Corners,  Or 4 Center Squares, Full House
Red And White Lines
Yellow And Blue Lines
Top And Bottom Lines
Middle Two Lines
Red Line Only
Red Line And Full House (Free Square Top Left)
Full House Only (Free Square Top Left)


Last Person Standing


4 Inner Corners
4 Leaf Clover
4 Outer Corners
Any Diagonal Line
Any Line Across
Any Line Down
Cover All
Double Postage
Large Diamond
Large Picture Frame
Letter E
Letter H
Letter X
Letter Y
Postage Stamp
Regular Bingo
Regular Or 4 Corners
Small Diamond
Small Letter H
Small Picture Frame
Custom Design